Zigbee Signal Range Extender

by Stelpro


The Zigbee signal amplifier extends the Zigbee thermostat signal range in your home. It connects to the controller and Maestro thermostat, giving the user remote control and smart automation features to control the Maestro thermostats inside the home.


  • Specifically designed to be used with the Stelpro Maestro SMC402 Smart wall controller and Stelpro Maestro SMT402 Smart wall thermostat
  • Provides coverage for most small to mid-size homes
  • Provides quicker device pairing, strengthens your Maestro network for better communication between devices 
  • Expands coverage of Zigbee network
  • Easy-to-install; can be plugged into any A/C outlet
  • 100-240V max. voltage
  • Works with Stelpro App


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