Aluminum Bender 3/4" EMT with Handle 74-047

SKU IDE74047


Exceptional, durable, materials for extra strength, and reinforced at stress points for longer life IDEAL Aluminum conduit bender is made of lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling. Bends conduit pipes to fit around any corner, ceiling, wall or irregularly shaped passageways. It features precision marks locating degree scale, star, arrow and rim notch for perfect bends every time.


  • Strong enough for everyday use
  • Degree scale for offsets, saddles and other special situations
  • Star point indicates the back of a 90° bend
  • Lightweight aluminum for easy handling  
  • Made with exceptional, durable, materials for extra strength
  • Reinforced at stress points for longer life
  • Rim notch locates the center of a saddle board
  • Choose between high strength ductile iron or lightweight aluminum 

Technical Information

IDEAL Bender Instruction Guide
Brand: IDEAL
Application: For conduit bending
EMT Size: 3/4"
Handle Length: 38"
Conduit Type: EMT

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