RG-6 Twist-On F Connector (Pack of 4) 84-039

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RG-6 Twist-On F-Connectors (4-Pack) Twist-on F connectors are an economical solution that requires no termination tool. These connectors are designed for indoor coax terminations for standard video and other RF applications. For outdoor or high performance F connectors see the RTQ series of compression connectors.


  • Single piece design
  • No termination tool required
  • Knurled body for a better grip while twisting
  • Designed for indoor applications
  • Can be removed and reused
  • Industry-standard ¼” x ¼” cable preparation 
  • 1GHZ, 75Ω rated for use in basic video applications 

Technical Information  

Product Datasheet 
Brand: Ideal 
Connector Model: 6FTW
Cable Compatibility: RG-6 Coax Cables
Termination Method: Twist-On 
Gender: Male 
Hex Nut: 7/16" 
Fits Cables with Jacket Diameter: 0.254” - 0.278”  
Fits Cables with Dielectric Diameter:  0.175” - 0.183”

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