Philips Hue Ambiance A19 Starter Kit (Pack of 4)

by Signify
SKU PHI471994
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Philips Hue will help get you out of bed the way you like it, helping you start your day feeling refreshed. The light brightness increases gradually mimicking the effect of sunrise and helps you wake up naturally, instead of being woken up by the loud sound of an alarm clock. Start your day, the right way. In the evening, the relaxing warm white light helps you to unwind, relax and prepare your body for a good night's sleep.
  • Warm white to cool white light (2200K - 6500K)
  • Shades of warm to cool white light put you in the mood to work, play, or relax no matter what time it is
  • Smart control your lighting from your smartphone using the Philips Hue app and Hue bridge to set timers, notifications, alarms and more
  • Connect to the Hue Bridge and set your lights to turn on when you near home or automate your lights to mimic your presence when you're away
  • Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home, powered by the Google Assistant, to allow you to control your lights with your voice
  • Stress-free dimming; no installation of wires, or an electrician to install
  • Includes: (1) Hue Bridge, (1) Ethernet  network Cable, (1) Power adapter, (4) Tone bulbs

Technical Specifications:

Operational humidity: 5% <H<95% (non condensing)
Operational temperature: -10°C – 45°C

The Bridge
Frequency band: 2400~2483.5 MHZ
Height: 26 mm
Length X Width: 88 x 88 mm
Max. number of accessories: 12
Max. number of bulbs: 50
Mounting options: Wall
Power adapter: 100–240 V AC / 50–60Hz
Height: 1 inch
Length X Width: 3.5 x 3.5 inch

The Bulb
Colour temperature: 2200K-6500K
Diameter: 62 mm
Fitting: E26
Form factor: A19
Height: 109 mm
Input voltage: 110V-130V
Lifetime: 25,000 hour(s)
Light output: Warm white to cool daylight
Lumen output: 806 lm @ 4000K
Max. operation power: 10 W
Max. standby power: 0,1 W
Software upgradable: Yes
Startup: Instant 100% light output
Wattage: 10 W
Diameter: 2.4 inch
Height: 4.3 inch

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