PAR20 8.5W (50W) Soft White 3000K LED Light Bulb



Light up your home and save energy with this Energy Star qualified Soft White (3000K) LED lamp. Designed to replace a standard 60W, 75W, 110W, and 120W lamp, it provides perfect lighting for a relaxed, cozy environment. Rated for 15,000 hours of operation with a color rendering index (CRI) of 80 these lamps will last long and keep the appearance of colours true to life.


  • Replaces a standard 50W PAR20 lamp using only 8.5W
  • Energy Efficient
  • Rated for 25,000 hours of operation depending on use
  • Easy to install, screw-in method
  • Ideal for recessed and track lighting 

Technical Information

Specification sheet
Brand: Electripro
Style: PAR20
Colour Temperature: 3000K
Lumens/ Brightness: 500
CRI: 80
Wattage: 8.5
Average Life: 25,000 hours
Features: Dimmable

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