Orleans High-end Fan Heater for Bathrooms

by Stelpro
Treat yourself to the brand-new Orleans high-end fan heater and enjoy a toasty warm bathroom even in winter. Thanks to its optimum heat output and rapid temperature rise, this model provides heat exactly when you need it. It is also the quietest fan heater in its category, allowing you to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.
  • Quietest fan heater in its category
  • Heat Boost Mode - Fast temperature increase (1000W to 2000W)
  • Sturdy, durable and rust-resistant
  • Optional built-in thermostat is great for smart home automation
  • Compatible with Maestro ecosystem
  • Quick and easy bracket system installation
  • The unit can be recessed or surface-mounted (surface adapted not required)
  • Ideal for bathroom, entrance, vestibule, hallway or living space
Technical Information

Model: SORB2002MW
Thermostat heating wattage:1000W/ 750W
Timer Heating: 2000W/1500W
Voltage: 240V/ 208V
Height: 398mm, 15 11/16" 
Length: 322mm, 12 11/16"
Weight: 9.4 lb

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