Nylon Cartridge for BMP21 Plus Printer, Black on White, 0.5 in x 16 ft

by Brady
SKU BRYM21500499


Nylon Cloth tape wrap-around labels are flexible and can tightly fit around any curved surface, wire or cable. Cloth tape has a protective polyimide coating and permanent acrylic adhesive that makes it strong and adhere to smooth, rough, powder coated, as well as irregular surfaces. This tape is so strong it can stay adhered to autoclave, liquid nitrogen and freezer environments. The M21 Series Nylon Cartridges can be used with the BMP21 Series Label printer and can be used for all your labeling needs. 


  • It is ideal for use in cable and wire labeling, general-purpose marking in labs, equipment panels, and faceplates
  • Low-profile tape adheres to surfaces that are smooth, rough, or powder coated, as well as to irregular surfaces or surfaces with low surface energy
  • UL approved; CSA accepted
  • All-in-one cartridge includes ribbon and labels supply
  • Abrasion-Resistant, Chemical-Resistant, Humidity-Resistant, UV-Resistant, Weather-Resistant
  • The cartridge includes ribbon and labels supply
  • Works with BMP21 Plus, BMP21 Lab, BMP21, IDPAL and LABPAL

Technical Information

Product Catalog
Brand: Brady
Width: 0.50 in 
Length: 16 ft
Material: Nylon
Ribbon Colour: Black
Tape Colour: White
Part: M21-500-499
Print Technology: Thermal Transfer (material is applied to the tape by melting a ribbon coating and it stays glued to the tape on which the print is applied)

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