Multi-Purpose Wire Dispenser

SKU RAC11455


The Rack-A-Tiers multi-purpose wire dispenser is versatile, waterproof, rustproof, rugged, very reliable, lightweight & strong. It can dispense any wire that you need. It fits wire reels up to 34 inches (0.9 m) and 330 pounds (150 kgs). This dispenser is used to dispense one large and heavy reel or several reels of differently sized wires on a single dispenser. The handles allow you to easily move your wire around. Lock it together to make a comfortable seat, or use it as a sawhorse, pipe vise, caddy, workbench and more.


  • Works with spools up to 34″ in diameter
  • Maximum Wire reel load 330 lbs
  • Interlocking Pairs
  • Easy to set-up
  • Versatile, waterproof, rustproof, rugged, and very reliable

Technical Information

Brand: Rack-A-Tiers
Material: High-density polyethylene structural foam
Dimension: 17" H x 17" L x 9" W
Part#: 11455  

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