Long-Nose Multi-Purpose Tool



The Klein Tools Long Nose All-Purpose Tool handles a wide range of functions, from wire and bolt cutting to stripping and crimping. The cutting and stripping holes are positioned in front of the pivot to easily fit into tight spaces. Plastic-covered cushioned handles make this tool comfortable to use.


  • Easily cuts and strips 10-22 AWG wire
  • Narrow, serrated plier jaws pull, loop and bend wire
  • Cleanly shears 4-40, 5-40, 6-32, 10-32 and 10-24 screws
  • Cutters and strippers are in front of the pivot to easily reach into tight places
  • Crimps insulated, non-insulated terminals and 7-8 mm ignition terminals
  • Plastic-covered cushioned handles for comfort

Technical Information

Klein Tools Long Nose Multipurpose tool Catalog (product section)
Application: 10 - 20 AWG, 12 - 22 AWG
Strips and Cuts: 10-20 AWG Solid; 12-22 AWG Stranded
Screw Shearing: 4-40, 5-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24
Crimping Capacity: 10-22 AWG
Overall Length: 8.25'' (21 cm)
Handle Color: Blue
Weight: 6.9 oz (195 g)


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