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🥳 Happy New Year | 📣 Free shipping on orders above $35 or $5.99 flat rate | 🛒Visit our Goodbye 2020 Clearance Sale & Start saving today! >>

Kidde 2-in-1 Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Front Load AA Battery Backup, Model 900-0119

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SKU KID9000119


Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm works on the intelligent sensor technology that combines the offers protection from two deadly threats in one. These combination devices use breakthrough technology to offer a fast response to real fires, including smoldering and fast-flaming, as well as protect you from carbon monoxide and dramatically reduce the chance of nuisance alarms. 

The Intelligent sensor technology combines the detection capabilities of an ionization smoke sensor – which is more likely to detect smaller, less visible fire particles, like those produced by flaming fires – with that of an electrochemical sensor, which is used to detect CO. 


  • Combined Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm – This 2-in-1 alarm reduces installation time and protects against both fire and carbon monoxide dangers.
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology – Combination of an ionization smoke sensor with an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. Depending on what is detected, the alarm will adjust its smoke sensitivity in order to better discriminate between a real hazard and a false one. 
  • Voice Warning – Announces the hazard type detected (in English and French). Alarm announces “FIRE!” when a smoke or fire hazard is detected and announces “WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE!” when a CO hazard is detected. It also announces “LOW BATTERY” when it is time to replace the batteries. 
  • 120 V Interconnectable – Will interconnect with up to 24 other devices (18 of which can be initiating), including smoke alarms (limit of 12), CO and heat alarms
  • AA Front-Loading Battery Backup – Change batteries without the need to remove the unit from the ceiling, providing continuous protection in the case of a power outage.
  • Multi-function One Button Design includes: Hush Feature, Test Feature and Reset Feature
  • End of Life Notification – Ten (10) years after unit is first powered, this alarm will beep two times every 30 seconds to indicate it is time to replace the alarm.

Technical Information

Brochure     User's Manual     Installation: Locations to Avoid
Brand: Kidde
Power Source: 120  V AC, 60 Hz 45 mA max per alarm, 2 AA battery backup
Smoke Sensor: Ionization
C/O Sensor: Electrochemical
Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10ft
Temperature Range: 4.4˚C (40˚F) to 37.8˚C (100˚F)
Humidity Range: 10%-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Size: 12.3 cm in diameter x 3.2 cm depth
Weight: 200 grams
Wiring: Quick connect plug with 15.2 cm (6”) pigtails
Interconnects: Up to 24 Kidde devices (of which 18 can be initiating)