GFCI Receptacle Tester



Klein Tools Receptacle Testers are designed to detect the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles. A convenient chart on the tester helps determine wiring conditions in the outlet, based on LED lights results. Conditions indicated: open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot/ground reversed.


  • Detects the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles
  • Works on GFI outlets and confirms operation of the ground fault protective device
  • Conforms to UL Std 1436, Certified to CSA Std C22.2 #160
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-foot (2m) drop
  • Operating temp: 32-degrees F to 140-degrees F (0-degrees C to 40-degrees C)
  • Nominal Voltage: 110/125V AC at 50/60Hz in 3-wire outlet

Technical Information

GFCI Receptacle Tester Instruction Manual
Type: GFCI and Standard Receptacle Tester
Application: Determine Wiring Condition in Outlet
Features: Convenient Chart on the Tester
Drop Protection: 6.6' (2 m)
Voltage: 110/125V AC at 50/60Hz in. 3-Wire Outlet
Overall Length: 1.62'' (4.1 cm)
Overall Height: 2.88'' (7.3 cm)
Overall Width: 1.88'' (4.8 cm)
Weight: 1.9 oz (54 g)

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