Digital Light Meter



Klein Tools ET130 is an easy-to-use precision light meter that measures illuminance levels in both Foot Candles (FC) and Lux. Backlit LCD display screen with bar graph assists when monitoring light levels and for retrofit projects. Includes custom carrying pouch and 9V battery.


  • Easy-to-operate meter to monitor light levels
  • Measurements in foot candles (FC) and Lux
  • Auto and manual range: 4000 FC; 40,000 Lux
  • Features backlit LCD display with 40-segment bar graph
  • Data hold, Max/Min, and Auto Power Off
  • Includes carrying pouch and 9V battery

Technical Information

Digital Light Meter Specification sheet
Type: Digital Light Meter
Application: Measures Illuminance Levels in Foot Candles (FC) and Lux
Features: Auto Power-Off
Batteries: 1 x 9V
Display: Backlit LCD
Overall Length: 8.09'' (20.6 cm)
Overall Height: 1.41'' (3.6 cm)
Overall Width: 2.09'' (5.3 cm)
Weight: 5.50 oz (156.0 g)

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