Device Box 2X3X2.5" 2104LLEUBAR



Device Boxes are used for outlets, switches, ceiling fixtures, and small junction boxes. They keep wires dry and are popular for surface mounted applications.


  • Use on house wiring devices such as switches or receptacles
  • Gangable; offers the option of constructing a box to hold two or more devices
  • Plaster ears allow the box to be used in "rework" applications
  • Cable Pryouts Ends
  • Raised ground screw

Technical Information

Hubbell Product Catalog: Page # A3
Brand: Hubbell
Depth: 2-1/2 in.
Gang: Single
Capacity: 12.5 cu. in.
Cable Clamps: U
Dimensions: 2X3X2.5 in.
Part #: 2104LLEUBAR

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