7" White Nylon Indoor Cable Ties (1000 units)



ElectriPro Indoor Cable Ties are made from nylon, they are lightweight and durable providing a secure harness for wires, loom, and other items.


  • Minimum Resistance 50lbs
  • Minimum Installation Temperature -20 DEG C / -4 DEG F
  • CSA/UL Approved
  • Chemically Resistant To Solvents, Oils, Grease, And Diluted Acids
  • Rounded Edges And Bent Tip For Easy Installation
  • Self-Locking

Technical Information

Part #: CTI7M
Material: Nylon
Width: 0.187"
Length: 7"
Maximum Bundle Diameter: 1-3/4"
Tensile Strength: 50 lb

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