1500W Azur Glass Front Convector with built-in Thermostat

by Stelpro

** This unit must be connected by a certified electrician


Unlike any other, the Azur convector is sure to catch your eye and complement any space. Its white lustrous polished glass front panel gives it a sleek and modern look but, it's not all looks as the Azur convector is powerful enough to heat up a 1000 sq. ft. room silently.


  • Ideal for the kitchen, living room, basement, bedroom, solarium
  • Completely quiet
  • Surface-mounted 
  • Sturdy Glass front panel
  • Digital screen temperature display
  • Digital screen backlight for use in low lit areas
  • A chrono-proportional electronic thermostat controls this unit with a high degree of accuracy to minimize temperature differences and increase your comfort level
  • Lock Option; allows the user to set a maximum temperature for the unit
  • Automatic Day and Night mode; automatically adjusts the temperature of the unit at night or day 
  • Anti-freeze protection; limits energy consumption and freezing during long absences
  • Concealed mounting bracket (included)
  • Rear cable clamps (included)
  • Made in Canada
  • Also available without the built-in thermostat 1500W Azur Glass Front Convector

Technical Information

Specification sheet
User Guide
Model: UAC1502W
Wattage: 1500W/1125W
Voltage: 240V/208V
Length: 458mm, 18 1/16"
Weight: 17.5lb
Colour: White

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