1500W/1125W Azur Glass Front Convector

by Stelpro

Unlike any other, the Azur convector is sure to catch your eye and complement any space. Its white lustrous polished glass front panel gives it a sleek and modern look but, it's not all looks as the Azur convector is powerful enough to heat up a 1000 sq. ft. room silently.

  • Ideal for the kitchen, living room, basement, bedroom, solarium
  • Completely quiet
  • Surface-mounted 
  • Semi-permanent installation mode available for this unit (quickly plug-in your convector into a residential 120V outlet)
  • Electronic thermostat required (not included)
  • Made in Canada
Technical Information

Model: UAC1502WCW
Voltage: 240V
Length: 458mm, 18 1/16"
Weight: 17.5 lb

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