1500W Brava Electric Baseboard Heater

by Stelpro

** It is strongly recommended by the manufacturer that this product is used with an electronic thermostat
** This unit must be connected by a certified electrician


Brava series electric baseboard heaters are the leading baseboard heaters on the market. Ideal for commercial spaces, offices, the bedroom, living room, basement and all other rooms in your home including the attic. Designed to match the aesthetics of your home and to provide you the up-most comfort, this white baseboard heater has a modern appealing look with rounded edges, floating nylon sleeves at each end, eliminate expansion and contraction noises.


  • 1500W, 240V
  • Surface Mounted
  • One-piece construction allows for a quick and easy installation
  • Knockout for BX and clamps for NMD cables located at each end
  • Mounting holes spaced 1 inch apart along the top and bottom of the unit
  • No-end-cap construction makes this Brava heater the most solid and durable baseboard heater available
  • Can be controlled by a built-in or wall thermostat (optional/ not included)
  • The built-in thermostat can be installed on the left or right of the junction box (optional/ not included)
  • Also available in 500W750W, 1000W1250W1750W and 2000W

    Technical Information

    Specification sheet
    User Guide
    Model: B1502W
    Watts: 1500W
    Volts: 240V
    Length: 1683mm, 66- 1/4"
    Weight:16 lbs
    Color: White

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